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domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

Usain Bolt's disqualification of the World Cup

Usain Bolt confirmed that it has a unique ability to amaze in the major events of athletics. This time, however, what he did was anything but high and very clumsy.

In an unlikely error for an athlete of his class, Bolt made a false start in the final 100 meters of the world championships. Yes, the man who has dominated the pure speed in the last three years was disqualified for leaving early.

There is a new king of speed. Yohan Blake called his Jamaican compatriot and training partner with a mark of 9.92 seconds was the only one of the finalists down to 10.
Bolt shatter his ambition was a third consecutive gold treble, after his sensational exbiciones the Beijing Olympics and the World Cup in Berlin, where he broke the world record of 100 and 200.
Those performances made him a star status in global sport, magnified by his charisma.
"Want to cry?" Asked Bolt. "Forget that's not going to happen."
There was no lightning silhouette whose personal stamp upon their successes. Nor could he show her radiant smile. No dancing.
The Bolt the astonished spectators witnessed was a petulant South Koreans to an unthinkable outcome. The 25-year risueñor removed his shirt and slammed against the track. In addition, he left with his hands over his head and hitting him to the wall blue.
His mistake was unobjectionable as out of the blocks even when the gun sounded.
What happened obviously turn the debate on the regulation of false starts, after the International Federation in 2009 ordered the first offense means automatic disqualification.
Amid the confusion, had to run a race and Blake was the winner with a record that paled compared to the world record of 9.58 Bolt.
"I could not believe it had taken. How can Usain get?" Said Dix, the American who took the silver medal with a 10.08.
Kim Collins, the sprinter 35 years of Saint Kitts and Nevis in 2003 was crowned the World Cup in Paris, completed the podium with 10.09.
Sidereal time were slow to the race of the championship summit, and the truth is that it was only mediocre in a day with an abundance of mediocrity.
The winners of the decathlon long jump and women devoted themselves with the worst records in the history of the world.
It was also the day that ended the reign of Kenenisa Bekele in the 10,000 meters. His abandonment mid-career derailed his dream of a fifth straight title.
But it was a historic day for Colombia, as the bronze Luis Fernando Lopez on the 20-kilometer march marked the country's first medal at a World Cup.
"This shows that our country does not move with the monopoly of a single sport," Lopez said in a criticism of the popularity of soccer in their country.
Lopez climbed the podium as a company of 1-2 Russian Valeriy Borchin and Vladimir Kanaykin. Borchin successfully defended his crown with a time of 1:19.56. Lopez came to 42 seconds behind the winner.
Cuba also took the podium for the first time thanks to the bronze won by Leonel Suarez in the decathlon and Yarelis Barrios in the discus throw
United States won its first two titles, both by defending champion Trey Hardee in the decathlon and Brittney Reese in the long jump.
The definition of 10,000 was exciting when the Ethiopian Jeil Ibrahim Mo Farah moved to Britain to become the successor to compatriot Bekele on the throne.
The other title of the day was that China's Li Yanfeng obtained in the disk.
Also highlighted the progress of the South African Oscar Pistorius, competing with a prosthetic carbon fiber that serve as legs amputated as a baby-the semifinals of the 400 meters. It was a historic moment in the world by becoming the first Paralympic compete in a fair size.
And everything seems to go from strength to strength so that there can be a Monday final of the 110-meter hurdles with the three fastest men in history: the Cuban Dayron Robles, Liu Xiang Chinese and American David Oliver advanced to the semifinals .

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