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domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

"Two and a Half Men" will have a gay version

According to review the website, TV and Letters, the new version of the series tells the story of a gay couple who have an adopted son.

The success of the new season of the American series "Two and a Half Men" remains a big question for many, after Warner Bros decided to switch to one of its main protagonists, Charlie Sheen, due to the multiple conflicts that arose between the actor and producer.

According to the publication, this time the famous series, also have a homosexual theme, based on the same principle: two men who live together and raise a child, but this time it will be a gay couple with an adopted child.

Although so far no one knows the name of the program, there were strong rumors that actor Sean Hayes will be the 41-year-old who plays one of the representatives of the gay couple.

Hayes participated in the series "Will & Grace," which also gave life to an extrovert and hyper homosexual.

Similarly, the publication points out that comedy, to be broadcast by U.S. television network NBC, is a product of the creators Peter Tolan and Michael Wimer, who seek to make competition the series involving the Colombian Sofía Vergara, 'Modern Family ', which also tells the story of a couple of men who raise a child.

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