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miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

Eternit wants to censor Greenpeace

Durlock, one of the firms belonging to conglomerates Etex Group, initiated and managed a precautionary injunction to silence Greenpeace, who publicly denounced the group's brands because of the Belgian Etex group's refusal to clean up an illegal toxic waste deposit.

Greenpeace's complaint is silenced by an injunction.
The court as mute Greenpeace campaign is the result of the environmental public place in recent months, exposing the firm Eternit to warn of the improper conduct of this company and the urgent demand safe disposal of waste asbestos , existing in a property of this firm, located in the Matanza Riachuelo.

"Instead of a serious commitment to remedy the site and eliminate risk generated by asbestos, a highly toxic substance, a group of firms Etex starts an injunction to silence us. In our interpretation Etex group as a whole, is responsible for ending the pollution resulting from illegal disposal of hazardous waste "Bilbao said Consuelo Creek Campaign Coordinator.

The environmental group reported in February, the presence of proven carcinogenic substance, without any security measure, above and below the surface of a property firm owned by Eternit SA, in the town of Gonzalez Catan. Asbestos is a highly dangerous substance, banned in Argentina since 2003 and in 52 other countries, due to its proven harmful effects on human health.

According to the report "Waste of asbestos in the Matanza Riachuelo" (1), presented by environmentalists, samples were taken large chunks of cement that are on the surface of the property, as well as the debris found in a random excavation, as well as soil samples. The results showed the presence of asbestos (asbestos) both surface and underground. "After our complaint to the polluter group, Eternit only cosmetic work done on the farm (he changed his booth, change of perimeter fencing, no trespassing signs), but has not implemented any security measure to prevent pollution of asbestos further spread, "said Felix Cariboni Creek member of the Campaign.

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