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domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

15 Top tips to protect your PC

Surely many of you have a desktop or a laptop. As you know PC needs maintenance and some special care keep it in top condition. Below I listed some useful tips that should be undertaken to extend the life of your computer and avoid problems related to lack of maintenance.

1 ° Perform periodic internal cleansing: I know many of you may not be encouraged to do this as it should have some care, but you can send it to a technician to do it. Preferably it is good clean it at least once every 6 months, the most common problems that is malfunctioning coolers (or fans) by the accumulation of dust can also lead to problems and temperature due to the failure refrigeration. It is also preferable that when the floor is swept off the PC that it can absorb the dust from the environment and contribute to more quickly gather dust.

2 · Disconnect the power supply: It is important, especially if it is not going to be used for a long period and that although there is lit circuits still consume electricity and can wear more easily, which causes a decrease in life useful. This is necessary also to take the monitor and other peripherals.

3 ° Do not have drinks near your PC: It is known that it is desirable to avoid drinks of any kind near the keyboard as they may spill and leave it unusable. The real problem is when liquids are spilled on the type of gas that can form a sticky and ruin your keyboard forever.

4 ° Peripheral Cleaning: When cleaning peripherals either mouse, keyboard or speakers, it is preferable to use fine and soft cloths that do not leave lint and that may hinder the cleaning, or be aggressive liquids such as alcohol use that can erase the letters or break the plastic. It is preferable to use a damp cloth.

5 ° Use an anti-static wristband: The anti-static wrist is very important when disassembling the computer and interact with the components as these are very delicate and minimal electric current from the body can ruin them.

6 ° Check the Temperature: Review daily temperatures regularly helps detect possible problems with coolers or paste that covers the microprocessor. It is important to see what the temperature peaks and normal. Must ensure that temperatures in the range of normal as they can seriously damage components. A very useful is the H / WMonitor.

7 ° The overclocking shortens the life: Whether we overclock the microprocessor, as the RAM or VGA have to keep in mind that your life will be diminished due to electromigration caused in this process. We will also have to invest in better quality cooling since heat generation is much higher.

8 ° Unplug electrical storm if: Many times you end up burning the modem and other components due to electrical discharges are produced by thunderstorms.

9 ° Choose the right place: When choosing a place to put it must be taken into account the luminance factor (not to tire your eyes), ventilation (to avoid overheating) and is a cool, dry place to maintain components functioning optimally.

10 °  Keep OS and antivirus updated : You must have these two essential programs updated and these updates will help the system optmización and correction of security flaws that may exist.

11 ° Defragment your disk at least once a week: It is very important to keep your disk defragmented as it will help your PC run better. Is that when we use our hard daily using software, copying data, etc.. These are saved in the first place and eventually found the disk becomes fragmented over very slowly and access to different files or programs. That's why this process is essential to keep your PC optimized.

12 ° Back up your information: Information is very important in our PC and that any failure or mistake can be erased and lost forever, so it is ideal that you back up important data on optical drives such as DVDs or CDs to flash drives and USB flash drives.

13 ° remove unnecessary files: There are many unnecessary files and programs stored on your PC you do not use or do not serve or up are annoying. You can do this through a program called CCleaner useful arranging data records, can easily remove programs and also allows you to defragment the disk

14 ° Scan unknown files before opening: Scan with your antivirus CDs, DVDs or flash drives and other storage units if you're not sure you do not have viruses is good not to regret after a major problem associated with viruses of different types.

15 ° Create a partition on your hard drive: Creating two different partitions may help to back up important files and run no hazard in the event of having to format it. Also you can have your information so much more organized.

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