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lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Sting is suffering writer's block

It seems incredible, but even the great minds of the international rock can grab a creative block. Such is the case of Gordon Sumner, better known as Sting.

The former Police frontman not only founded a cult band but also has a long solo career after the dissolution of the trio, in 1984. But today, on the verge of 60, acknowledged that spent a decade locked at the time of writing.

"Writing a song is a rare thing for me now," admitted the singer to the English site The Sun. "It becomes more difficult with the passage of time because you are more refined and your inner critic is harder," he said.

The original Sting last plate was issued in 2003 under the name "Sacred Love." It was a job where I flirted with hip hop and had the collaboration of artists like the rapper Mary J. Anoushka Shankar Blidge and sitar.

After that album were all works "in honor" and greatest hits compilations. "When you're young you do not have as many filters and leave you to three songs a day, or 21 per week," admitted Sting.

"Now it is distressing to see the sheet of paper" he said.

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