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miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

Falklands: Mexican intellectuals supported the Argentine claim to Malvinas

During his visit to Mexico, President Cristina Fernandez was supported by a large group of intellectuals to restore the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands. (Falklands)

His last official act in the Federal District was the presentation of the Mexican Solidarity Group with the Falklands, an initiative that Argentina's ambassador in Mexico, Patricia Vaca Narvaja, had been driving from a prestigious group of Mexican intellectuals.

Among these are the rector of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Jose Narro Robles, the president of the College of Mexico, Javier Garciadiego, and former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda Gutman.

A renowned hotel in Paseo de la Reforma was the scenario in which this group was unveiled to the public and aims to form a multinational bloc to press Britain to sit down and negotiate with Argentina about which country has the sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands in accordance with international treaties.

"I came here was to raise support to build the view, consensus and the contribution that can be done from different locations of these academics, for Britain to sit down and negotiate this very deep to Argentines who is the sovereignty of the Falklands, "said Vaca Narvaja after the match.

Jorge Castañeda, former Mexican foreign minister said his country enthusiastically joined this initiative because it is a very sensible proposal and very clear: to sit down and negotiate in good faith the two countries to end a dispute that has cost many lives, which has lasted an eternity, and that really has no purpose in today. "

The project does not end here, because the idea is similar to groups formed by Mexican intellectuals and academics are integrated in different countries, so that the long-awaited negotiations with England to become reality.

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