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domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

Today is the Birthday of Valentina Tereshkova

Today we celebrate 73 birthday, Valentina Tereshkova, who was the first woman to travel into space aboard Vostok 6.
En route, turned 48 times around the earth for 71 hours.
In the photo, but smiling Valentina Tereshkova, visiting the telescope Croce del Nord in Bologna, Italy (1968). To his left, Guido Fanti, Mayor of Bologna, though in smoke with the left picture, often take the watch on his left wrist and right hand notes, so it will possibly right-handed. To his right, Prof. Giuseppe Longo, a professor of General Physics Department of Physics, University of Bologna.

And while we are in astrophysics, the old joke Martian
Enter a Martian in a roadside bar. The owner of the bar as he looks away and looks at their appearance: greenish skin with brown freckles on the size of a coin of five dollars, seven large mauve eyes reticulated spread over the top of the head with a big mouth Retractable jaw and full lips of a purplish color with sharp teeth, ears and nose cone-shaped, webbed hands with eight fingers with spatulate phalanges, 35 tentacles like a foot and a stomach-shaped outer intestine fuchsia pink finish toothed sucker. He approaches the bar and tells the owner "Do I put a Movskoskaya with orange?". The owner looks up and down and says, 'With Fanta? ". "Can it be orange juice, if you please?" He responds the Martian. "But you have to be orange juice bottle," he tells the owner while a glass with a dry flannel gray. "Yes, yes, perfect boat orange juice is good," replied the Martian. "I have no Movskoskaya" he tells the owner. "Then why has" asked the Martian. "Smirnoff and Absolut" replied the owner. "Well, absolutely," replied the Martian. The owner puts the Absolut bottle with orange and Martian asks "What is that?". "Fifteen euros," replied the owner. The Martian extends a tentacle back, fumbles in one of his intercostal bags, takes out a blue leather purse shaped scrotum, opens it, rummages around and gets a ten euro and five euro coins on the counter. The owner collects the money and the ticket and puts it in the cash register. The Martian grasps the glass with one of his webbed hands, he puts in his mouth and takes the Absolut bottle with orange in one gulp. When about to leave, the landlord says "Hey!" "What?" He responds the Martian. "A question" You what? ". "Me? I am a Martian, "replied the Martian. "What Murcia?" Asked the owner. "No, no, Mars, Mars, Mars ',' said the Martian. "Aaaah, is that there are many Martians in this bar," says the owner. "No wonder, with these prices," he responds the Martian.

Source Cambio Radical Blog

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