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jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008

Shell to pull out of UK wind power scheme

Green groups have reacted angrily to news that Shell is looking at selling its share in the world's largest offshore wind power scheme.

  • Lewis wind farm rejected by Scottish MPs
  • The oil giant said it was looking to dispose of its 33 per cent shareholding in the £2 billion London Array project which, if built, would supply enough electricity to power a quarter of Greater London homes.

    Shell logo - Shell spokesman said: We have a small but growing wind energy business
    Shell spokesman said: We have a small but growing wind energy business

    E.ON, a partner in the 341-turbine project, said it was disappointed by Shell's decision, which could delay the project and introduced "a new element of risk" to the scheme.

    Shell's decision is thought to be an economic one, with money redirected towards potentially more profitable wind schemes in the US.

    But Friends of the Earth energy campaigner Nick Rau accused the oil company of leaving a renewables project "high and dry" while investing in fossil fuel production which added to the problem of climate change.

    "We're very disappointed that Shell - which touts itself as a progressive green company - is pulling out of the London Array project, and leaving a key clean energy project high and dry.

    "Shell announced a 12 per cent profit rise yesterday to £3.92bn. It should be investing those profits in renewable energy projects not focusing its efforts on making money from sucking fossil fuels out of the ground and contributing to climate change," he said.

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