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lunes, 28 de abril de 2008

How to make a Quick Buck

Here is my first way to make money fast:

Extracts for flavor
A bowl
A very small funnel or you can use a rolled up piece of paper
A toothpick or something of the kind
Needle nosed pliers

Step 1: Take The lighter and melt one end of the straw. Quickly clamp the end with the needlenosed pliers to make an airtight seal. make sure it's airtight by blowing into it.

Step 2: Take the scissors and cut off the bendy part of the straw. If it's not a bendy straw, you can charge more!

Step 3: make a bunch of these and store them somewhere

Step 4: In a bowl, mix sugar with a little bit of the extract of your choice. Stir well with a spoon, and wait to dry. Let it sit overnight.

Step 5: Take out the bowl and crush down all of the dried sugar into the littlest bits you can.

Step 6: Using the small funnel, put the sugar into the straw until about a half an inch before it ends. Use the toothpick to push the sugar down the funnel.

Step 7: Use the same method from step 1 to seal the end. make sure you have no leaks.

Use the bendy part you cut off; sell them as 'Sugar Shots'.

When selling, watch out! teachers don't know what they are, and could mistake them for drugs. if you want to, you can add food colouring.

If you have extra straws, let your friends buy them off of you and sell them.

You can sell stuff you bought at the store for twice as much. Some suggestions are:

Gum: around a buck, you can easily get 2, maybe 3 dollars.

Beef jerky: I've gotten as much as 5 bucks for a 3 dollar bag.

Sharpies: Make sure they won't "sniff" them. The mini ones can go for 3 bucks where as they only cost 1

Soda: Buy Cans of pop for like 50 cents, walmart has them for 25, and sell them at school for 2 or 3 dollars.

Pencils: Not exactly a big seller, but mechanical ones sell better and lead for them sells pretty well.

Laser pointers: They aren't allowed in my school, but i never got caught. I sold them for 3 dollars, and i got them 1 dollar at the dollar store.

Erasers: Once again, not exactly a big seller, but when kids want them, they want them bad.

Office Supplies: surprisingly enough, i made money off of selling Paperclips, superglue, tape, etc.

Sell V-Wad packs: Make packs of pre-torn paper and rubberbands and sell them as "V-Wad Battle Packs".

Heck, you can even sell stuff you made from this site.

Almost anything can sell. Chips, nempty notebooks, cheap calculators, even low memory or used memory sticks can fetch some money in your computer class.

Sell free softwareNow, it may be illegal, but nobody's going to know.

Download GIMP to a cheap flash drive or burn to a CD and sell it as image editing software.

Put a collection of free games onto a memory stick or CD and sell it. Might I recommend the Fallingsand games such as wxSand, burningsand, or free downloaded games from free online game sites.

Download a Trial version of AVAST or other antivirus software, or find a free antivirus software and sell it.

You can put 'Mac-on-a-stick' on a CD or Flash drive. It is a real emulator for one of the original versions of mac. I think it's pretty cool. Below i attatched the EXE file. It's self extracting, so just choose what directory and let it do it's work.
Also, include the readme i put below, too, so that the buyer knows how to use it.

Other IdeasSubmitted by dchall8 (he posted it in the comments, but i figured that i'd give him his own page):

This is GREAT! Reread the software licenses carefully, but I think it can be done if you do it right. But check. If you advertise the CD as a convenient collection of free software and be crystal clear that you are selling the CD as a service, it might be okay. Personally I think GIMP is too clumsy to use. There are other free offerings that are easier to use - think Photoshop Elements, not Photoshop Pro.

You should always make money with your formula. Basically you are buying by the pound and selling by the ounce. Most of the world's successful business owners started that way. Selling sugar and salt have always been profitable. Next time you're in the grocery store, look at the spices. Look for "Lemon Pepper" and check the ingredients. Basically it is flavored salt that sells for about a dollar per ounce. Regular salt sells for less than about $0.50 per pound. You are using the same concept.

Then in the same grocery store, go to the vegetables. You should be able to find small packages of sprigs of fresh herbs. One herb, rosemary, sells for about $10 per ounce. It also happens to grow like a weed in my neighborhood. My junior high had two hedges of rosemary that were 10 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 1,000 feet long. Get the idea? You don't have to live on a farm to sell produce.

When I was a kid (the 50s) some of my friends had a specialty candy store in their neighborhood that sold odd kinds of candy. They bought some and brought it to school to see if it would sell. All I had ever seen was grocery store candy so those guys had a pretty good business going for three years.

Another idea I saw on TV was a kid in NYC who sold fingernail polish to the girls at his school. If nothing else he knew every girl in the school.

We used to have garage sales (yard sale, tag sale, rummage sale). My daughters took an ice chest full of sodas, iced them down, and sold them for a dollar (half a quid?).

One of our friends makes necklaces. She has a degree in art and (duh) is very artsy. Her necklaces sell for $300 to $600 each (150 to 300 quid???). Of course she is selling them as 'one-of-a-kind' designer necklaces, but the idea is the same. She gets her stones from a special market in Houston because it is close by. She strings them on stainless steel wire and uses designer clasps. With about $20 in tools and $50 in materials, you could probably sell your first 20 custom necklaces for $10 each. See if you can find a class or at least a book. There really is an art to making them nice looking. Look for a book at your local Michaels or other hobby shop. Be sure to get some black stones for the goth crowd.

As an idea for closing your candy straws, instead of holding the straw in the fire and clamping it, you might hold the end of the pliers in a flame for a minute and try squeezing the straw closed with the hot pliers. If you clamp a long straw in the middle and cut it in the middle of the melt, you can make two short straws from the one straw. Fiddle around with time in the fire to get the right temp to soften and clamp without setting it on fire or melting it completely away. Or you could put a dab of super glue in the end and clamp it with pliers and no heat.

There are many Instructables that lend themselves to making money. One great one is how to build a computer. For example I just bought an HP Core 2 Quad for $1,700. After reading the Instructable I could have made it for about $900 including the 24 inch monster monitor and software.

We have a wholesale flower store nearby. They have unbelievable prices. Votive candle holders are about ten cents each. A tall plastic vase is $0.50. They have great prices on silk flowers, so if you can arrange them...arranged flowers sell for $10 to $20, but probably not at school. Of you could weave them into a wreath and sell them for more. Make them in seasonal colors. The people that work there have ideas - they see it all.

I've also seen a guy on the Internet somewhere who grows potted plants in his back yard and sells them on his driveway a couple times a year. Get seeds, get dirt, get pots, and water. They cost about $0.30 each and sell for a couple dollars each. Seems to me he claims to make $10,000 per sale. Of course that is his life.

This is more intense but sell cookies. Find a chocolate chip cookie recipe (look on the bag of chips) or oatmeal cookie recipe (on the box). Modify the recipe with different chips, extracts other than vanilla, or even try using a different fat source (Crisco or lard instead of vegetable oil), and sell fresh baked cookies in sealed bags, 2 for a dollar. Experiment with the recipe and time it takes to bake them.

offer services...
HI, im craz meanman collaborating with skate. So if your like me, and you go to school, many people are dumb. lol sad but true. And dumb people like things that seem advanced. sssooooo: look around instructables for things that you can do easily, and with some consistency.

Many people like ipod cases made for them, you can make one for around 2 bucks and sell it for 10.

Many people like ipod hacks like changing their backround, or installing rockbox and doom. This is free to you, and exciting to them.

Many people like when you do things that take them lots of time, like making costumes, or organizing files (thats just an example... most people probably won't let you do that.)

Tons of people like to have personalized stuff. I modified the power rings on people's xbox 1s for around 15$ each.

So with instructables as your tool, you can make mass moula (spelled right?) and conquer THE WORLD!!!!! lol.

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